National Donut Day 🍩

We had some of our dear friends in town this last week….and one of the days they were here just happened to be National Donut Day (which is apparently a real thing – first Friday in June), so we went to my favorite donut spot in Houston: Morningstar.


Morningstar is also the Hubs fave coffee spot, and less than a mile away from our house which is very dangerous because they for real have the BEST donuts in Houston (IMHO). Plus they were selling donuts for $1 on national donut day (who even makes these things up??)

My current favorite is the pomegranate with goat cheese.

My current favorite is the pomegranate with goat cheese (sounds weird but tastes incredible). Previous favorite was the old fashioned with olive oil and sea salt, and my third favorite is the old fashioned old fashioned which is a little bit citrus-y.

A peek at the inside of Morningstar – I like all the brick details

Our friends got their glazed donut, and while I’ve not tried it myself they had only good things to say. As far as the coffee goes, I get a double shot macchiato, the hubs gets a cortado.

Glaze for dayz

So this post is about donuts but Morningstar is also great for other brekky foods – I can recommend their avo/cheddar biscuit, the steel mill special (which can feed 3), and they have a black rice bowl which is super tasty, I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’s sweet and tasty.


For real though, donuts here are incredible and not just on National Donut Day (honestly, these made up holidays haha)


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