Back to Yoga

One of my goals for this month, is getting back into yoga. For about 2 years I went to a yoga class twice a week, but it’s been quite some time since I’ve done yoga regularly.

I’m using Beach Body’s 3 Week Yoga Retreat this month. I’m not historically a fan of Beach Body mostly because of coaches trying to recruit me and make a hard sell for Shakeology on Instagram.

My mom and sister use Beach Body on Demand, with no coach (I didn’t think you could do any Beach Body without a coach!) , and I can’t recall the exact price per month, but it’s very reasonable for what is included.

Week 1, much more challenging than I’d anticipated!

I don’t subscribe, but after visiting once and joining them for yoga a couple of mornings, I decided to buy the DVD set.

I’m liking it a lot so far, very easy to follow, and they start with basics, which is exactly what I wanted/needed. While I’m nearly finished with the first week, I’ve decided to repeat it before moving on to week two.

I like the calendar to track your progress through the program

I’m so surprised by how sore I am, and I’m only 5 days in…mostly my back & my hamstrings. I use the modifications 99% of the time…I love my yoga blocks more than words can express!

I’m planning on sticking with yoga beyond the 3 weeks, if I survive that is …

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