BBG : My 3 Week Plan

BBG is a workout program created by Kayla Itsines. The first time I went through the program, I paid online, and got and printed out the entire thing – I can’t even remember how many pages it was, but I had to put it in a HUGE binder. That’s waaaay back in the day; today, they have an app (you have to pay but it’s not too horrible and you can do by month) and the app also works with your Apple Watch so it’s a bit more streamlined.

from Pinterest

FIRST OFF just want to say I’m not a huge fan of the program name: BBG stands for Bikini Body Guide…as the below says : “Put a bikini on your body, congratulations, you now have a bikini body.” But putting the name to the side, I do like the program.

Second, the program is 12 weeks, but you can continue from there to do BBG 2.0, and on the app they now have programs for barre, body weight, gym, etc. I’ll be doing the “original” program.

While BBG is a 12 week plan…I do not plan on doing all 12 weeks. They provide a few weeks of “pre-training”, so if you’re a beginner, it helps you get used to the moves, movement plus you use your body weight with no additional weights. So this is the part of the program I chose – while I have done the program previously, I was in my mid 20’s and the last couple of months I’ve been only working out sporadically, so I knew that the regular program would be too much for me.

And I’m VERY GLAD that I decided to do that. I even made modifications in the workouts, despite them already being “modified” from the 12 week program workouts.

From my Instagram: @travelfood_fit
First day….HARD!

At the start, I told myself that I would take modifications as much as I needed and not feel bad about it….in my 20’s I would have been horrified! (I may have put some hyperbole there but you get the idea). I didn’t want to hurt myself by pushing my body more than it could handle – been there, done that!

And I can tell you that I am SORE after the workouts, modifications and everything. I’m in week two, and I’m not feeling particularly stronger yet, but I know by the end of next week I’ll have gained some strength but without going too hard. Slow and steady wins the race!

This is what I’ve learned: don’t be ashamed/afraid of being a beginner, taking things slow, modifying whatever, whenever, and as frequently as you need to! The main thing is to keep going.

Another thing: I’ve said already that I don’t plan on doing all twelve weeks, but I have committed to doing three. Maybe more (if I want), but three for sure. Today is the last day of Week 2 by the way!

Accurate!! From Instagram: @aolnow

The program consists of 3 strength workouts, one rest day, and the remainder are LISS (low intensity steady state) – according to, “LISS is Low-intensity steady-state, orΒ LISS, is a method of cardiovascular exercise in which you do aerobic activity at a low-to-moderate intensity for a continuous, and often extended, period.”

For me, I’m choosing to walk, which has been really great. It’s good to get outside in the fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine! It’s also great because I can do it whenever. Get in my walk, that’s my workout for the day. Even if it isn’t until muuuuucchhh later in the day.

And here’s another couple of things I’ve learned over the last two weeks….at-home workouts are great, plenty of flexibility around timing, don’t have to get in the car to go anywhere….but I will say that I really do prefer in-person, or if I’m doing at-home, following a video.

I like being able to do a workout at home with a video because I feel like it not only helps me be more aware of my form, but it’s also more motivating than doing it on your own, like with BBG. So comparing at home workout programs, I’d say that I prefer FitOn, or Blogilates over BBG. But I’m also ready to get back to the barre studio that I go to once week 3 is over. I sort of thought I would do both but…….I’m a little puny at the moment…! (Not for long though!)

So, there you have it, my three week plan…I really wanted to do something to jump-start me getting back into regular/consistent exercise…something easy to follow, and at home (no excuses!) Ready to finish off the last week and see where I go from there (grow, baby biceps, grow!)

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