Scriptures & Nature Photography

I recently started an ig page where I’ll be featuring photos of things found in nature as well as scripture/quotes/that sort of thing. Here’s what it looks like so far:

I decided to make this page because I often find myself looking at other Instagram accounts that are similar to these…I find them uplifting & comforting to look at. Why not start one myself?

I’m using different apps for typing out the scriptures….well, more of a copy and paste…but it’s fun to play around with the fonts and colors.

Above are some more photos – so far the nature photos have been mine, and a few from my sister but if you’re reading this, send some “nature” photos my way! I will of course give you photo credit!

The app I use on my phone & my iPad to read the Bible is called You Version, and you have the capacity to creat photos using images that they have available- here are a couple of examples:

If you’re on Instagram – go have a look, I hope you’ll like it…and find it as encouraging as I do!

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