June Health & Fitness Goals

I’ve got some things I want to work on during the month of June…which is TOMORROW (!) – and I always find that if I can write down a list of these things…and also make said “things” simple & achievable, I’ll actually do them. So here goes!

~Drink 70 oz of water per day;

~Close all three of my rings each day;

~Walk 1 mile each day … as weather permits!

I think…based on the last couple weeks of upping my water intake, that the 70oz per day may be the most difficult. The rings should be ok..and walking a mile, piece of cake…but it does me SO much good to make sure I get a walk in every single day. Now, this will require me to get up a little earlier since it’s starting to warm up, but if I set an alarm every 5 minutes an hour before I need to get up, I should be fine.

My water bottle holds 24 oz of liquid…so if I drink 3 of them I’ll be good to go! Last week, I forgot to drink much water until later in the day but I was determined to meet my goal – so I chugged and that was a bad idea. Waterlogged much?

My plan for not repeating that: having an alarm on my phone so that it will make noise at me to remind me to drink water.

That way, I’ll meet my goal by the end of the day without

So as I said before, getting outside is so good for me. I know it helps my mood, and just….sunshine 🙂 Now that Glen is traveling more, I’ll be walking on my own mostly, but I’ve got some good podcasts lined up and a solid playlist going. I would plan on making phone calls but with so much construction going on around us, that will be more of a “destination walk” plan.

And there are lots of great places to walk in Houston: Heights Walking Trail, Buffalo Bayou and Memorial Park, just to name a few.

Nearly closed by 7pm

Closing my rings – If workout for 40 minutes, I think I can get my rings closed by the end of the day. So, a 30 minute workout and a walk will have me set. Right now, I’m going to barre for exercize. I go to a Pure Barre studio here because it’s less than a 10 minute drive from my house! I’ve been to other studios, and the classes are pretty similar regardless of the place. I think they are fun…as well as fast. I love that it’s a low impact & full body workout. – If you want to join me this month….let me know, let’s do it!!


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