Our house (in the middle of our street) Part 1

If you follow me on instagram, you know that we’ve had quite a construction project going on for the last several months – slow going, but getting closer to being completed every day!

I’ve decided to post our current renovation & our previous one, both to the outside of our house – back, and now front.

We bought our house in 2016 – was built in the early 1900’s & the previous owner had taken the house down to the studs and renovated it.

So here’s the first project we did, which was putting a courtyard in the back of the house….previously, because it is so shaded, we couldn’t get grass to grow at all. The previous owner, who renovated the inside of the house, put down St. Augustine grass, which didn’t do well (all the shade!); then, went from not doing well to dead not too long after. We tried seeds, Glen bought one of those push things that has some sort of grass-growing-thing inside, but that didn’t work either.

We were happy to have the back area dug up – the second photo shows the drain in the middle!

Our back “yard” was a mixture of St. Augustine grass, several different types of weeds, with patches of mud sprinkled around. So we’d mow it, but never used it, because bugs loved it, especially flying ones called mosquitos!

While the house had been gutted and remodeled by the previous owner, he unfortunately did a not so stellar job on the not glamorous but pretty important stuff like electrical work plumbing…A/C duct work….it took us about two years to get most of that fixed/replaced etc. But after those two years we decided to do a FUN house project, which was to make our back area useable!

Mostly finished…. note the fire pit!

The finished product pictured above; absolutely love our courtyard now and use it all the time. Also no grass to mow!

Boxwoods and such

The last few things that completed our back courtyard…some acacia chairs, and a fire pit.

The fire pit is a solo stove: https://www.solostove.com and they are actually having a sale right now! Glen got a deal on ours on Black Friday. The chairs are great, the link is here, but I’ve also seen similar ones around. Will say – they don’t actually fold well, but we love them.

One of the cool things about the project was that the guy who did it was so great – I really like working with him, and I put down one of the bricks myself but I can’t remember which one now :/

We use the back mostly for grilling…or just sitting around…..and in the winter, we use our Solo Stove as frequently as we can! If you’re in Houston and looking for a place that has great firewood, by the way, Indian Head Firewood is the best, super friendly, always a quick delivery and really curious. Go Pinon or go home! But seriously the Pinon is top.

A pretty dramatic change, but wait…..there’s more….keep your eyes peeled for my post on the current project coming soon …


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