June Plans – Update!

So – refresher in case you didn’t see my last post (an honest mistake, I’m sure) – I set myself some goals this month – pretty straightforward ones – I could type them out right now, but I’ve made a graphic and I want to put it in here otherwise what is the point of making graphics??

Water: 70 oz per day, close my rings every day & go for a walk every day

Fell short in water. I don’t know why it is so hard

Pretty early on, it became clear that walking was going to have to be canceled (ugh more cancel culture) because of incredibly hot weather – so I decided instead that I would focus on spending time outside each day as a substitute. So, in the sun, open air, but minimal movement!

That’s been really nice – good for my body and also my head space. Since our pool is finished, I’ll either swim in the evening, and/or just go out with my planner and have my feet in the water.

Rings: While I haven’t closed my rings every single day, I’ve closed them more times than not. If I go to barre, or at home, do 40 minutes of exercise, I’ll get my rings closed by the end of the day. It’s been motivating for me!

oops. #drinkmorewater

Ok here’s the situation with water….I feel like I really did terrible on that front. At first, I was really with it. Not making it to 70oz per day, but doing a good 50. Peeing constantly, a bit waterlogged at first. And then I kind of … forgot? I’m not sure why this is so hard! But if you’re reading this right now go drink some water! I’m about to.

So even though I haven’t been meeting my water goals….honestly not tracking my intake either, I’v been a lot more mindful of liquid intake. I’m going to work on this…I do have an app that helps me track water, so I will start using that again.

feet in the pool!

As far as other happenings this month….I’ll add in a photo dump below! Thanks for reading ….. and …. SHOUTOUT TO ANGELA!!!

A few photos from this month, a little catch up for you:

I’ve never seen hail that big before! We had a few days of storms but this one took the cake. No damage, just interesting to watch…..


  1. Really enjoyed the post. Hang in there with your goals and don’t get discouraged. Baby steps in the right direction should always be considered a success. Enjoyed the pictures too.


  2. You’re doing great, Michelle! It’s been hot and steamy even in the early mornings, so if I’m not out walking about 6 or 6:30 in the morning, it’s too hot to go. However, I decided to substitute that with an hour doing Wii sports or biking on my stationary bike, and going outside to work in the garden just before the sun goes down. Like you, I try to get outside as much as possible because it’s good for my head space, too.

    You’ll get to the 70 oz of water a day…I find my body just craves water…even if I do pee a lot. I start with 20 oz of water before I have coffee in the morning and then once I’m done with coffee, that’s all I drink (occasionally, I’ll throw in some unsweetened tumeric/ginger tea, which I love the taste of or some unsweetened green tea, which I struggle to like the taste of – that counts as water intake, btw). Love your blog.


    • Thank you!! I’ve got my water bottle right here next to me as I am typing this to you! I have some herbal teas that I like, maybe I’ll start making those more since they count toward water intake. Hope you are staying cool….and enjoying your gardening :))


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