Don’t forget breakfast…

Breakfast….morning snack…first lunch (me) – however you do your first meal of the day, having something on hand and ready is the key to avoiding the hangries first thing.

Here are a few yummy breakfast ideas for you, no fuss just tasty.

Fruit & Muesli/granola – Glen loves these with his Siggi yogurt…I find yogurt to be a bit heavy these days, and I try to limit dairy since it doesn’t always agree with me (tragic) – so I like to have this will a dairy free milk. If you haven’t tried macadamia nut milk, you must!

Avocado Toast – self explanatory and delicious! IMHO, get yourself some sourdough bread, and top the avo with paprika. Another option, everything but the bagel….maybe a squeeze of lime. Fried egg with it? Why not! Go crazy!

The Scramble – dump it all in the skillet, give it a stir, ultimate lazy breakfast. I don’t even stir the eggs beforehand. Get some grape tomatoes and frozen spinach in there, too. *chef kiss*

Salad for breakfast – my friend Kathy does this, and it sounded pretty good, so I tried it, and it was! Especially now with the summer heat, it’s easy and light. Also quite filling.

Sorry not sorry

Egg Muffins – these can be microwaved the next day…maybe 20 seconds, super easy

Overnight Oats – I buy mason jars at Goodwill because they are expensive at full price!

Crustless Quiche – now, I leave out the cheese, and since I don’t eat pork, I will sub some ground turkey, so easy. This recipe is incomplete because sautéed bell peppers are not included!

Last but not least….a little morning encouragement!

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