Fit On App Review

I think it was last year that I first heard about Fit On – it’s an app for home workouts featuring a variety of workouts for any level of fitness, as well as well known trainers – example, Casey Ho – and even classes taught by celebrities, like Gabrielle Union.

The App is completely free and pretty easy to use. You can search for specific intensity levels, workout time, by trainer, and/or a specific type of the body you want to focus on. And of course the type of class: HIIT, yoga, pilates and so on.

I love FitOn for at home workouts and I’ve started adding them in with barre class on they days when I’m not doing barre. My absolute favorite instructors from FitOn are Breann and Bree – they are both so positive and easy to follow.

Here’s what I did today:

HIIT for beginners – a 13 minute workout and probably my favorite.

Lower Body Interval Mix – 25 minutes of intervals focusing specifically on lower body, with some cardio thrown in.

Both workouts are by Breann – and both have low impact options for the move that she demonstrates, which I love. I definitely feel like it is important when I’m workout out at home to be really careful about my form – I don’t have mirrors in the room where I exercise (maybe I should change that) and there isn’t anyone to correct my form if it’s off, so I almost always do the low impact version of the moves just to be on the safe side.

I certainly don’t get less of a workout!

I also really recommend doing a warmup … and you can find those on the app as well. Even one that is just 5 mins (or less) will be really good for making the most of your workout.

So with the warmup, the 13 minute HIIT and then the 25 minute Lower Body workout, I got in just over 40 minutes of exercise, with plenty of variation. Not too shabby!

More Workouts I recommend:

Walking Fitness:

Tabata Torch:

Another by Breann! Low impact options that still get my heart rate up! It’s 14 minutes and goes quickly. Definitely good to add warm up beforehand, especially since it’s such a short workout.

HIIT Arms & Abs:

From Bree again, this one really challenges me and uses hand weights. I definitely lack strength in my upper body and arms so I try to do this one (sort of) regularly.

There is an option to participate in paid courses – there’s a 30 day HIIT course available, and another called Break from Stress that lasts 4 weeks, and both start on November 8 – Monday. They have other courses available, too.

I love a good challenge but the monthly one that they offer is more my speed – 10 workouts in 30 days, which is totally doable and works well for me since I can pick whatever workouts I want, and do them on the days I’m not at barre.

I actually think this is the best or at least one of THE best fitness apps out there, it’s got a ton of variety, not only in instructors and programs, but types of all workouts. For at home workouts I definitely recommend this app!

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