Scripture Posts & Nature Pictures

I recently started an ig page where I’ll be featuring photos of things found in nature as well as scripture/quotes/that sort of thing.

If you want to look it up, the name is @scripturepostsdaily

Here’s what it looks like so far:

I would often find myself looking at other Instagram accounts that are similar to these…and thought, why not make one myself? I love creating, and I find encouragement and hope in God’s word. Looking at the pictures and quotes on different accounts were not only calming in a way, but I found them uplifting & comforting to look at. I’m happy if my account can bring those same feelings to others, but I honestly do it for my own enjoyment, and because I really like playing around with apps and images and that sort of thing.

I really like the Amplified Version (from time to time) – this is Psalm 119:7 using AMP

I’m using different apps for typing out the scriptures, it’s fun to play around with the fonts and colors.

The apps I use the most are: Word Swag and Pic Collage – I also like Stories Edit and Unfold, but the first two I use the majority of the time.

To start, most of the nature pictures were mine, and any scriptures that I’d typed out, but now, I post a combination of my creations, and ones from other accounts that I repost and give credit to. Some accounts I follow that I repost from are: @byallieforyou, @saltwaterfaith and @andrearhowey

The app I use on my phone & my iPad to read the Bible is called You Version, and you have the capacity to creat photos using images that they have available- here are a couple of examples:

Both of these I made in YouVersion using free stock photos that they have available.

I don’t always post daily, even though that’s the name of the account, but I do try to go on regularly, and post things I like to my page or on my story. It’s a fun hobby, and one that helps me to think about different scriptures that I come across while scrolling.

If you’re on Instagram – go have a look, I hope you’ll like it…and find it as encouraging as I do!

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