5 Day Challenge

TODAY is the final day of the 5 day challenge I hosted on instagram (with a giveaway of course!)

The idea behind the challenge was to promote wellness through daily, attainable goals. Each day, Monday through Friday, drink 8 glasses of water, walk at least one mile, and then complete the exercize/exercizes I post for the day. 

YES to good choices!!

Sounds easy, right? And that’s the whole point! Doing these things, especially if they aren’t part of your daily routine (they weren’t for me!) takes intention and time….but they are 100% doable, and even small changes like those add up to positive changes in your overall health if you keep up with them.

Here’s the challenge for today…along with walking a mile and drinking 8 glasses of water!

What is a good challenge without a giveaway?? To enter the giveaway, you had to post a check-in each day sharing that you’d completed the tasks for the day. It was so much fun to see the check-ins! 

The giveaway prize!

I’ve never done a giveaway before, and I had a hard time choosing what the gifts should be. I ended up choosing a bracelete from a brand I love, under-eye patches, and a homemade candle by me!

The bracelet is cute and is by Gorjana, it is one of their reflection bracelets; it is made with turquoise, blue lace agate and lapis. The packaging it comes in has a quote on it that I really like: 

“The longest journey is the journey inwards.” – Dag Hammarskjold 

You can definitely wear the bracelet while working out!

The candle….well, I love making candles, and I love having little candles lit throughout the house, they make me feel so calm!

And the under the eye patches are easy to put on, don’t take a lot of time – all three meant to be easy things you can have and use to feel special and calmed, that’s defintily important for wellness! 

I want to share some of the check-ins, I LOVED seeing these, it was fun to see what everyone was doing, and certainly motivating! 

So, what were the exercises I posted each day? Well: Monday was 20 squats…Tuesday was 40 lunges – 20 per leg. Wednesday was 20 squats and 20 crunches.

Thursday was 20 squats, 20 lunges and 20 glute bridges. And finally Friday (today) was 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 crunches, and 20 bridges. See a pattern? Some legs and a LOT of booty 😉

The best part about the challenge for me personally was the walking. It’s too easy to get caught up with my seemingly never ending list of things to do and put off exercise or time away from what’s in front of me. Forcing myself to stop and walk a mile was great. Especially when I saw that 1. It didn’t actually take a long time and 2. I felt good almost immediately:)

Beyond that, it felt good to be part of something, I loved what one of my followers, Linds said after she finished the days challenge: “All the walking (turned into jogging) all the squats, lunges, crunches and bridges all in all made for a pretty accomplished week! I’m feeling very proud of myself right now.”

As you should, Linds!

One final thing – I’ve joined Facebook again and I JUST made a page for my blog, if you’re on FB go check it out, I plan to post updates about the blog, and just stuff in general 🙂

Thanks for reading! Xoxo M

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