Zero Proof Gin Review

I wanted to share a nonalcoholic gin alternative that I found recently, and that we’ve really been enjoying .

The maker is Monday, and they describe their alternative boozes as “Free of alcohol, full of spirit” which I love! MONDAY Zero Alcohol Gin

While Monday’s “gin” had quite good reviews, and I wanted to try it, I went in with pretty low expectations, as did Glen. We’ve both been pleasantly surprised. They have a variety of nonalcoholic spirits, and while I’m still pretty surprised about how much we like them I’m still just a little hesitant to try a different spirit. We’ll see!

Now I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the tonic is just as important as the gin. They are the only two ingredients after all (aside from any garnish). My favorite is Fever Tree.

Also love these tumblers from West Elm!

So here is the final product: (side note we really love these tumblers from West Elm) and another side note is that my cool round ice cubes weren’t set yet, so that’s why I have the less cool everyday ice cubes. Still tastes the same though!

So there’s the recipe! I want to add one final thing. This zero proof gin is not cheap; it’s about $40 – HOWEVER, how much would you spend on a bottle of gin with alcohol in it? The quality is great, so I say it’s worth the price.

Come on over if you want to try it, our friend Allie also approved of it! Let me know what you think in the comments. Would you try it?

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