Houston Eats Part 1

Favorite spots to eat in Houston…where to start??

There is one place I want to share with you today: Cafe Brussels. They are top 3 on my list for french fries!


Cafe Brussels is a small restaurant on the corner of Houston Ave & Crocket St. Even though the outdoor seating faces the Avenue, it’s our favorite spot to sit and eat their yummy Belgian fries & mayo.

We used to go once a week, or once every other week, just for the fries. But now that I’m making an actual effort to eat healthier we haven’t been going as frequently, which in a way it makes it even more of a treat.

The fries are wonderful – crispy but soft, just the right amount of saltiness, and kind of taste like butter. The mayo is creamy and tangy and perfect. You must eat the fries together with the mayo – but I will say that the fries hold their own. Also they have Belgian beers (Glen likes them, I don’t). I usually get a rasberry beer, which I think is quite good.

So many other places to write about, but I’ll stop with this one for now.

Happy Friday, all!

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