Chicken Tikka Masala

This is a story about our cool Kiwi friends that are really cool….and the dinner they made last Sunday…

Ok first of all I have a big old crush on their house, which is a Bungalow in the (real) Heights (for those readers not from Houston, The Heights is one of the cooler neighborhoods in Htown <slang for Houston> which we sort of live in but not technically.

Look! A kiwi…because they are Kiwi. Clever

Right, so their Bungalow has been redone by them with all kinds of upgrades and is very stylish without being pretentious. LOVE.

Also they are really good cooks. Last week they had us over and made Chicken Tikka Masala with rice, naan & broccoli on the side (which was OHMAZING and I love broccoli so you know it was good.) I think it had pine nuts in it (I DIED).

So the main was very nice – a smooth flavor, just enough spice, but also buttery without being too rich.

Here’s a link to the recipe:

The broccoli was impressive: squeezed lemon with pine nuts, a bit tart but again, a nice buttery flavor and the texture was great.

Look at me, being artsy. Also those are olive leaves from their olive tree!!!

They used a beautiful Staub Dutch oven which I now want in the same color but also I don’t want to copy everything that they do?

After dinner was a molten chocolate cake with not one, but two flavors of ice cream (butter caramel & dark chocolate ganache – both from Central Market ) and some Paw Patrol (they have two adorable kids).

Nice, wholesome entertainment

At this point you may want to have these people as your friends as well, and my only comment is sorry, they are our friends, back off.

Anyway, I will definitely be trying this recipe at home, it fed all of us and there was still a little leftover (even though I think we all had seconds) so it is great for entertaining a crowd.

Here’s the link for the molten cake:

Almost forgot! The broccoli was tossed with some lemon juice and pine nuts, then roasted at 425 for about 20 minutes.

We all scream

Comment if you also plan on trying the recipe!

Happy Sunday, all šŸ™‚


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