Sundays are for Grilling

What do the Roscoe’s do on Sunday’s? Wondered absolutely nobody, ever.

I imagine the title of this has given you a pretty good idea of what we get up to, but I have a few more things to share, including a recipe and a board game recommendation:

I love Sundays because they are our designated yard work days. As long as the weather permits, we spend most of the day outdoors

Hubs (short for husband, to protect his privacy) usually washes the cars, sits out back and reads, and has other projects inside & outside of the house that I am generally unaware of.

I go around and check on all of our plants to see how they are doing, start weeding and give up after an hour, maybe trim some bushes, maybe not.

The last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed these adorable little caterpillars, sort of off white colored and fuzzy. At first, I’d catch them and let them crawl over my hands; later I realized that they were eating the leaves on our winding plant with the pink flowers so now I hate them.

tiene hambre; tengo meido

“Ok Michelle that’s what caterpillars do, they have one job and it’s eating leaves”. Obviously I know that, I’ve read the hungry hungry caterpillar many times I guess I was just so captivated by how cute they were that I momentarily forgot.

Beneath the leaf

Anyway, on Sundays, we also usually grill (and by we grill I mean hubs grills).

On hot days like today, lighter is better: 

All the colors!


The chicken breast was so good – when hubs asked me to season them with salt and pepper only, I thought he was making a mistake…I thought about saying something but I’m glad I didn’t, because it was delicious and I would have been embarrassed.

I remember when we first got our Webber grill, our friend Bill said, “welcome to the rest of your life”, which we thought was cool but also, Bill, you were so right!!

For the side dish, I made a vegetable medley: one yellow red pepper, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and some leftover zucchini. If you are having a hard time spotting the zucchini, it’s because I had used my mandoline the previous day for a salad which I should post here later.

Handpicked from our local grocery store

I really like this method that I’ve found for cooking vegetables and it’s the way that I almost always prepare them. I don’t have any exact measurements but here’s the gist of it:

There are two parts to this: first steaming, followed by sautéing, both are done in the same pan.

Start by putting a couple tablespoons of water in the pan with fat of your choice, then add in the vegetables. Turn on the stovetop to low/medium and cover the pan with a lid.

Cherry tomatoes: taste good with anything

The timing for this step varies depending on what and how much you are cooking, I haven’t timed myself, just trial and error!

Chopped roughly: go hard or go home

We prefer our vegetables al dente, so I don’t steam them for very long.

Now for the next step: once you remove the lid, add whatever spices you want, I usually do salt and pepper, maybe some red pepper flakes, and then sauté them to your liking. For this, I’ll turn the heat up just a tiny bit, and move them around the pan frequently.

DO NOT attempt this with brussel sprouts!! Everything else I’ve tried has worked perfectly.

The other great thing about Sundays is game night. Currently, we are playing Ticket to Ride, currently in game 4 out of 10, with me losing every round so far but ready to make a comeback!

So that’s a typical Sunday for us, if you try out that method for cooking vegetables let me know! And what do you get up to on Sundays? Comment below 🙂


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