Singapore to Maldives – 2017

Last night we arrived in Singapore-we are stopping here on the way to our final destination: The Maldives!
We got in, and went to the rooftop for the cool views of the city (and for a DRANK), this is my first time here, but Glen has been a couple times before, although it was for when he was getting his masters so I’m sure his trips were a little less fun, even if they were longer, because he wasn’t here with me (poor guy).

Here are a couple of photos from last night:

This morning, we went and had some brekky and coffee – we have lunch plans, and also found out they do high tea here at the hotel, so we are definitely going to do that!
We are staying at the Fullerton hotel, which is lovely, and before it became a hotel, was the post office. One of you lucky readers will be getting this postcard in the mail: (how exciting)

Old hotel and boats


We got in around 1:30 am after a really cool boat ride from the airport to this little island. Our room is a “villa”, basically a big square where the front part is the bedroom, and the back part is the bathroom, which is really big….and almost half of it is an outside area with a shower and tub and some plants (HOW ROMANTIC)

Breakfast is served by the swimming pool and from the far side you can see the ocean. I think I’m going to fake my death when I get home and just come live here….haven’t worked out the details yet but we’re here for a few more days so I’m sure it will come together.

One of the common areas (pool not pictured, but it’s there)
The pool by the spa, Glen is swimming in the distance, looking at me longingly.

Day 2 (or was it 3?)

Beautiful Sunrise

After some consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would make much more sense to somehow fake my death here (otherwise how will I ever get back?!) The only complication I see is getting Glen on board with this….a boating accident seems like the obvious option – working plan is as follows:

Step 1: make sure literally everybody knows we can’t swim. This may be difficult, as we haven’t really socialized with anyone else.

“Hi, how are you? Yes, we love being here on an island even though we can’t swim. I know, odd location to choose for a trip HAHAHA”

Step 2: take out one of the kayaks for couples, find some deserted area of the island, and make our escape! Perhaps pack some champagne? 

If you look closely, you can see little baby pineapples. This island is going to be GREAT for foraging! #organiconly #pineapplevibes

Day 4:

Plan has fallen apart completely :
Not only did I nearly drown twice while attempting to catch fish snorkeling, but I somehow, in my excitement, forgot how difficult it is to open a pineapple, even with a sharp knife.

The final straw: I don’t think there’s anyway to get Glen to agree to the plan. I’d considered drugging him, but my morals, which are unwavering, wouldn’t allow it….(also, the resort gift shop didn’t have anything even close to strong enough for the job).

Anywho, leaving for home tomorrow night, but we have nearly an entire day in Singapore, so I can’t really complain.

Here are some photos to console us both – 

We spent two nights in a villa on the water!
The other two days here in the villa with all the plants.
Can you believe this is my first food picture?? My favorite brekky: poached eggs, avocado, hard toast (never got soggy) and some spicey stuff on top
Finally, the beach šŸ™‚

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  1. How did I miss this awesome post?!! LOL!! you are too funny & the pics are lovely, next time take me with youuuu! šŸ˜‰


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