Winter Trip 2018/19

The last few years, we have taken one big trip per year, almost always in the winter when my husband has time off from work…(well, he still has to do work, but much less, and can be done remotely).  

Last year, we were in Australia with our favorite AUS/US couple and their two kids. This year, we are going to Japan – and since we flying nonstop from L.A., we decided to spend a weekend there on the front end of the trip.  


So our first stop is Malibu, and neither of us have been before; actually I was born in Southern California and my mom tells me I have in fact visited Malibu before, but pics or it didn’t happen (we don’t have pics).  

 So we will be in Malibu at the Surfrider Motel until Monday, when we will fly nonstop to Tokyo – a nearly 12 hour flight (only 10 hours on the way back).  

We don’t have plans made for our stop in CA, except for Friday night dinner at a place called Geoffrey’s. Other than that, walks on the beach (hopefully not crowded) and generally taking it easy.


We’ll be in Tokyo 3 days, spending most of our time eating, and then we are off to a town called Shima. (I don’t have much to say about Tokyo, I’m really excited to go but honestly it’s 90% about the food)

For my husband, this will be his fourth time in Japan (old hat), for me, my second. My first time was in 2015, we went over his christmas break from work and divided our time between Tokyo & Kyoto. This trip will be longer, and we are adding in a stop in Shima.

Shima is halfway between Tokyo & Kyoto, a beautiful seaside town with natural springs – we will be there two days and do some sightseeing (and more eating..).

From Shima, we will travel to Kyoto, a two hour trip by train. Kyoto is home to many old and beautiful temples – as well as many other pretty incredible attractions, most notably, the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I recently bought a new camera, and I cannot wait to take photos in Kyoto!

Besides sightseeing, we have reservations at two different restaurants, and I’m currently trying to decide if I’m extra enough to bring my camera and photograph the courses – depends on how much sake is involved (!!)

Kyoto 2015
A photo from my first time in Japan, 2015

Stay tuned for posts about our stops along the way, lots of photos of food no doubt 😉  And if anyone has recommendations of places to check out be sure to comment!

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