Working Out While Traveling

Staying on track with workouts while traveling can be tricky – but I’ve found trips and travel much more enjoyable when I made sure to get exercise in, than when I didn’t make it a priority. 

 I’m sharing 3 things I’ve found helpful for staying active while traveling:  

_Set goals ahead of time

_Pack your workout clothes & shoes

_Walk everywhere

Setting goals is so important for keeping yourself accountable! Remember when you make up your goals to think about what is reasonable and achievable. For this trip, my goals are: work out at least 30 minutes each day, (except for travel days and Saturdays).  Hotel gyms are great, but I always assume I’ll do hotel room workouts, so maybe look some up that you can do before you leave. This trip I’m doing the Bikini Body Guide workouts, and if I don’t have access to a gym, modifying them to be hotel-room-friendly.


 If you’re going to dedicate time during your travels to exercise, make room in your suitcase for your gear. Especially good tennis shoes meant for working out in…I may or may not have gotten some pretty crazy blisters on a trip last year from jogging in my Chucks… (by may have, I mean I definitely did). I also pack a resistance band, doesn’t weigh anything and is great for hotel room workouts.    

These are the resistance bands I take with me


Walk everywhere – you will probably be doing this anyway; exploring on foot is the best way to experience a new place. If I don’t get a workout in, I make sure I hit 10,000 steps which is about four miles. Not too shabby!  

Hope the tips help, comment below if you have any others to share!

One comment

  1. Ooohhh I never thought if packing resistance bands! That is genius! They’re so light weight and perfect for low impact hotel room exercises! So so smart!!


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