Favorites from Tokyo

Japan trip post 1 of 2: Tokyo

Our trip to Japan just a little over a month ago was more food than sightseeing focused – we spent most of our time eating & drinking, not a bad way to spend a vacation!

I want to share my favorite places for coffee food & drinks just for Tokyo now, favorites from Kyoto coming soon!


If I had to pick one place as a recommendation for sushi in Tokyo of the places we’ve tried, (no pressure) (although I’ve only tried a few, so that helps narrow the options) it would be Sushi Masuda. Beautiful presentation, quality fish and wonderful flavors! Definitely do omakase.

It amazes me how much flavor can exist in such a small bite sized bit of fish with rice underneath. Also enjoyed a very nice half bottle of vintage champers, which wasn’t too shabby either…



We’ve visited the Little Nap Coffee Stand both times I’ve been to Tokyo. Get their coffee, or their hot lemonade (both are so good!) http://www.littlenap.jp/loc/



New York bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo is solid. Great drinks, live music, and impressive views of the city. We also were staying at the Park Hyatt which made going to the bar at the top of the building very convenient. Would have gone even if we weren’t staying, though!

This photo is from one of the giant windows in the New York, but during the day. It looked really cool at night but none of my photos turned out.


As a side note, the Park Hyatt is the place I’ve stayed at both times I’ve visited Tokyo and really like it….the concierge service is especially helpful; we sent a list of all the places we wanted to try and they made reservations for us and explained our dietary restrictions – 10/10!





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