Houston Eats Part 2

Our dear friend Elizabeth came to spend a long weekend in Houston with us recently….since there’s not much else to do in Houston besides eating and drinking….we took her around to some neighborhood places to (guess) eat & drink! 

Eight Row Flint is a must

We hit some faves: Coltivare and Eight Row Flint….also tried to take her to Johnny’s Gold Brick, it’s a 10 minute walk from our house; so we decided to head over even though it was 96 degrees but I assured her it would be worth it once we got our frozen margaritas…spoiler alert it was NOT worth it because they weren’t open and we had to walk back home which was very uncomfortable but whatever.

Heavily edited photo of the three of us at Coltivare, a fave spot

But this post, “Houston Eats Part 2”, is about neighborhood place we recommend, also within walking distance, called Angela’s Oven.

If you are a bread person, this place is for you.

All of these photos are from my phone don’t judge me

Their sourdough bread is so so SO good, excellent baguettes, muffins are 10/10 and if you go for breakfast, get the Sammy: 

The Sammy with a muffin on the side…it’s called carb loading sweetie, look it up

The Sammy is egg and cheese on sourdough and it’s simple but deeelish. The little hole from where they put the egg is is served as a mini sandwich with garlic cream cheese in the middle: 

little baby sandwich

I recommend getting their cold brew, it’s top. One thing I will say, once again, that the Sammy is next level.

And the croissant is great. I didn’t actually try the croissant but Elizabeth liked it and I trust her.

Cool art on the fence

It’s a great spot and we don’t often go for breakfast, mostly go to get bread, can’t beat it. My favorite is going and getting a baguette for Sabbath breakfast, SUCH a treat!

I like the vibe, it’s really laid back and comfortable, and plenty of outside seating.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday so far, I am, although it would be better if I was eating a Sammy right now 😉


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