Labor Day Weekend in Austin

Ok first we didn’t actually stay in Austin, we were in Westlake Hills but it’s right by Austin & takes up less space in my blog title so we’ll go with that.

Westlake Hills from H-town took about 3 hours, not bad for a holiday weekend. We went with family and found a super cool mid century house to rent…and it had a pool…….my dream is to have a pool someday. I know what you’re thinking, “it’s so much work”, “it just collects leaves”, “Michelle you forget to water your plants how are you going to keep up with pool maintenance”, and I choose to ignore all of those because I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.

How cool is this house?? We grilled at home mostly but did go out that Sunday to a place called Contigo. We started with venison queso, and it got better from there…

No filter needed

It was a cool spot. I mean, it was so hot out but the venue was nice.

Contigo for lunch on Sunday, good burger & I beat my 3 year old nephew in cornhole so it was a pretty good afternoon

Most of the long weekend was spent in the pool, eating, snacking, drinking. I get this sour beer from the store called Dog Fish Ale – sea quench ale, it’s really good. I don’t like beer but sour beer is my jam.

More pictures of the house, loved this deck, especially for morning coffee & for after dinner drinks.

Also did finger painting with my nephew and that was soo fun

Probably some of my best work to date (dm for sales) (jk)

Poolside 😎

We also saw some good friends at church in Austin!

And lastly here’s a photo of the hubs grilling..

The best part was we were with fam for 5 full days which was awesome!! It’s not easy living far away from family and loved that we were able to meet up and spend so much time together. About 3 weeks late but what did you do for Labor Day this year??

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