Hawaii Part 1

My next few posts will be about our recent (well, almost a month ago to the day) trip to the Big Island of Hawaii!

We l o v e d the place we rented for the 9 days we were there. It was in a more residential area on the Kohala Coast, right on the water, really quiet, but still only 10-15 minutes away from shopping and restaurants and the Fairmont Orchid, which is where we went each day for church.

If you look very closely, you can see a Glen in his natural habitat

In case the “church each day” thing threw you off: I imagine most of you know that we go away to celebrate a religious Festival each fall, but if you didn’t know, now you do!

It’s 7 days, followed immediately by another separate Holy Day, so eight consecutive days. Usually church is for 2 or 3 hours, there are Bible Studies and group activities with the church as a group and then a lot of just people doing things on their own/spending time with other church members. There were almost 400 of us together on the Big Island this year!

Helicopter Tour!

One of the highlights for me was the helicopter tour, the photo above is of my sister, Charlene, who is going to do a guest post about the tour & all the cool stuff we saw.

Another Glen sighting

There were other highlights: golf, going to a luau, great food…but more memorable were the times we spent with friends and family.

And this is where I would put an adorable family photo, maybe on the beach, leis on, probably wearing complimentary but not completely matching outfits; unfortunately, we never got a group photo MY BAD.

Anyway here are some photos I did take and thought turned out pretty well –

Honestly I feel like you could point your camera at any part of Hawaii & your photo would turn out beautiful.

The top one is from the helicopter tour, next one from a hike we took (more on that in my next post); followed by two pictures from the luau. That was a FUN night!

If I ever make it back, I don’t know if I’d go to another, but as this was my first time, I’m so glad we went; the music and dance was great, and the food was as well. Plus we wore leis the whole time and danced a little….10/10 recommend.

Below the luau photos is just a picture I took and edited on my phone, and I wanted to include it because I was being artsy, so there’s that.

Second to last is the sunset from the golf course … no filter, guys, it was just that beautiful. And actually the picture doesn’t do justice!

Last is from our rental home for the 8ish days we were there. So relaxing being on the water, and hearing the waves go in and out all day and night.

I will share more next time about the hike we took towards the end of our trip AND golfing with Glen and Dad.

Hope everyone had a good Sunday!



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