So it’s December…

I’m not sure how we are already in December of 2020…

What’s so weird is (for me) how quickly this year has FLOWN by. I wanted to do some highlights of this year, so I’ll mostly be posting photos.

We had a wonderful weekend over by Lake Travis (about 3 hours from us) with Glen’s dad this year; it was perfect weather and QUIET where we were. We saw so many stars at night.

We went into Austin one night for dinner, but otherwise just ate at the house, took it easy, went for some walks and spent time.

Dinner in Austin

For the Feast of Tabernacles we were in Utah with my parents

Our first time in Utah!

We were supposed to be in Mexico this year, but we loved being in Park City with family. It was a bit different this year as you can imagine.

We had assigned seating at the hall so that there was 6 feet between rows; everyone alternated days attending in person; except for the Holy Days, on which there were two services – one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

On the days that we were not attending in person, we watched a live webcast of the service from our rental. Very different, but also a blessing that we were able to attend a site in person.

Glen working from home for 10 months has been an adjustment, but a good one. We’ve spent so much more time together, and I can’t imagine things going back to the way they were before (especially the part where he travels a ton); but I’m trying not to think about that, and just enjoy this while it lasts.

We’ve spent so much more time at home between lockdowns & etc., and we’ve been making lots of changes in our home this year.

Less sexy, but necessary home improvements: get our electrical work sorted out…one tiny plumbing issue that led us to find some leaks that needed to be addressed, so I guess it was a good thing, and some general home repairs that we’d been putting off.

We got plants to put around the house! Snake Plant & Red Congo here

The MAJOR and VERY SEXY project is still underway…finally getting a pool! This was supposed to have been finished by now but as you can see, we are not quite there!

Getting there……..

Two major highlights of this year for me: celebrating my Grandparent’s 60th anniversary, and witnessing our dear friends Brooke and Brann tie the knot (just a couple of weeks ago!) I do have photos, but I think I’ll keep them to myself for now.

Our trip to Trancoso in Feb has been left out…but that one can have a post all to itself.

Finally, here’s a “photo dump” (I really hope I got that right) from this year, including moments with friends and (as usual) cooking/food

I’m not leaving out Thanksgiving for any reason other than I’m saving it for a later post 😜

XOXOXO & enjoy

Artsy photo of cacti taken on my real camera
Airport selfie


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