San Miguel de Allende Trip 2018

This fall for our annual fall church feast, we were supposed to be going to one of my favorite places, San Miguel de Allende…as you can imagine, we’ve cancelled our plans and will find a different time to go. 

Since I can’t go in person, I can at least write about our first trip there in 2018 (this would have been our second time there…) and maybe live vicariously through the past.

Mexico is an incredible country, so much to do and see! There are many places I’ve yet to travel to that are on my list (maybe I’ll write about my list next time?).

Of the cities I have visited in MX, San Miguel has to be my favorite. It is a World Heritage Site located in the high dessert of Central Mexico with lovely Spanish Colonial architecture, beautiful parks and squares.

San Miguel is well known (with good reason) for its food scene, and we thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of the trip.

Since we really liked every place we tried, it would take too long to share all of them, so instead, I’ll share our top three: Aperi, Trazo 1810, and then more of a drink/snack place – Luna, the rooftop bar at the Rosewood Hotel.

At Aperi
Great friends, great food!

Aperi – – this place is incredible; the food, the wine, in a beautiful setting.. Aperi is inside of a boutique hotel in San Miguel. You can eat inside, but There’s a quiet courtyard where tables are and benches are set up, and a huge tree growing in one of the corners.

Incredible fish taco at Aperi

We ended up going twice, once, just the two of us, and then again with friends. Both times were equally delightful

Trazo 1810: we LOVED this place because of (1) the food and (2) the incredible views. I’ll also add (3) excellent wine list. Also part of a hotel – Casa 1810.

And one from Trazo 1810…not sure why I’m holding my butt but otherwise I like the picture & you can see the church from the window behind us

Our visit to San Miguel coincided with Mexican Independence Day, which takes place over several days, and from sitting inside the restaurant by the window, we could see much of the festivities going on below. It was fairly busy, but quiet enough to feel private with our group of five.

While we didn’t sit on the open air rooftop part of the restaurant, (next time!) it’s supposed to be a great spot to look over the square, and several churches can be seen from there.

SPEAKING of views, the absolute best view of the city is from the rooftop bar at the Rosewood Hotel, Luna.

The perfect spot for snacks and drinks while watching the sun go down. As it was beginning to get dark, the staff brought around blankets for everyone since it was cooling down.

See what I mean about the view?

There were plenty of small plates on the menu, so we ordered as we sat around sipping (at least in my case) a very nice mezcal margarita. I know this might sound silly, but I found it to be romantic; I think if you were to go to S. Miguel, and only had time for going to one of these three places, Luna is the one I’d recommend.

Another shot from Luna after dark. The big shiny thing is the famous Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel cathedral

Hoping we get the opportunity to go again…once “all this” is over (whatever that will look like!)

Thanks for reading and stay healthy!


  1. I loved visiting San Miguel and I have to agree the Rosewood Hotel restaurant and the rooftop bar were my favorites. We ate at the Hotel 3 times. Once for dinner the two of us, once for lunch with friends and once with our kids and grandson at the rooftop bar.


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