Michelle’s Summer G & T

I wanted to share a drink that is PERFECT for summer; light and citrus-y drink that is PERFECT for hot summer days. Load up on the ice….

What I like about this drink is how refreshing it is – and, while it does have a citrus twist to it, it’s not an overpowering flavor.

We enjoyed this bevy on Sunday while playing Yahtzee…the last few weeks were Phase Ten but we’ve moved on from there!

Here in Houston things are beginning to HEAT UP, we’ve been trying to get our walks in…but today…mid 80’s (not the best) and 200% humidity (bad). Anyway, this concoction is the thing to have after your hard earned walk – gotta get those steps in!

Note the stylish wine charms…I went pretty hard on crafting at the beginning of the year….there are worse ways to occupy yourself during a pandemic!

The citrus-y flavor comes from – the tonic, a bit of lime, lemon and then a squeeze or two of a mandarin orange, makes it just a little bit sweet.

The tonic I used was this Sanpellegrino citrus tonic water – here’s the link: https://www.sanpellegrinofruitbeverages.com/us/beverages/mixers/tonica-citrus

I enjoyed the flavor, definitely more on the subtle side

I’m a sucker for the Limited Release gins that Hendrick’s will have – I recommend this one – “Lunar”; the bottle and label are beautiful but it also adds a little spice, which is a nice offset to the citrus, I think it really compliments the sweetness that you get from the mandarin juice.

This Hendricks Limited Release gin has a little bit of a kick to it, which I like!

So – now to the good part – how to make it:

This is sort of a taste as you go recipe; I squeeze more lime into mine than Glen does – what I’d recommend is juicing each fruit, maybe just half to start. Get your ice in the glass, add in the tonic, and then the gin. Completely up to you how much of the gin you’d like.

One ounce is a good amount I’d say, but if you’re not sure, start with a half ounce….you can always add more if you’d like, but you can’t take it out once it’s in there!

Now that you’ve got your ice, tonic & gin, go ahead and give it a stir. Now the tasting bit comes in. Add in some of the squeezed juices from each of the fruits: lime, lemon and mandarin; see what you think of the flavor and feel free to add in more as you like.

As I was saying, I added more lime juice to mine, because I like my drinks a little on the tart side. The lemon and mandarin add some sweetness to the drink – the mandarin more than the lemon.

Last but not least (presentation is everything, after all!) slice up the fruit and add some wedges into your drink, now it’s tasty AND beautiful!

Give it another stir, and you’re good! I hope you enjoy…if you do make it, comment below and let me know what you thought!


  1. Love your gin and tonic post. I look forward to trying this summer drink.. Wasn’t a fan of gin or tonic until recently, now, I know I’ve been missing out. You are very descriptive and I am eager to try this recipe. Be well love…


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