August Wine Picks: A red and a white

I’ve recommended both of these in the past…but what can I say I’ve STILL got good taste. Best things about both of these: twist tops, great price, easy to find (as of right now!)

Red Wine: Root:1 Cabernet

Pricing: Have seen from $9 to $12, but if you get it at a restaurant, as we did when we first tried it, it’s a 2x markup.

This is an all time favorite; can’t beat the price for the flavor! Great with Italian food – if you’re looking for a quick Italian dinner, tagliatelle, ground beef, arrabbiata sauce (Rao’s is a really good brand!). 

I find this to be light for a cabernet, not that I don’t like heavier/fuller bodied ones but I enjoy this. After it’s opened, I do put it in the fridge and have it chilled.

Now for the white: Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Nobilo Sauv. Blanc is from Marlborough New Zealand. At Spec’s you can find it for about $15.

This is one of my favorite whites because of how dry and crisp it is. It is a perfect summer wine, and as with the Argyle, I will generally have a couple of these on hand.

And as highlighted previously, it has the screw top so that the bottle can be enjoyed throughout the week.

I think it’s great with fish – it’s dry so perfect to pair with salmon and green beans, also I like it on its own especially during summer months.

As a bonus – I’m linking my August playlist from Spotify; there is nothing exciting here and I don’t think there is any new music, but it’s upbeat and I’m liking it 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

Xx Michelle

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