San Francisco – Lombard Street & a Book Store

Glen came downstairs and told me he was heading out of torn, first to San Francisco for a couple of days, and then to a random town in Illinois, he was set to leave in two days (very short notice!) so I asked if I could join him for the SF part of his trip, and happily he was able to get me tickets which I honestly doubted he would be able to do find so last minute!

I think this is my fifth time out here, and I really love it. We are staying less than a mile from the Ferry Terminal, and today food trucks and produce stands are lined up on either side of the entrance.

This beautiful sunset….

The crazy thing to me about this trip is that I’ve never actually accompanied G on one of these before…ever!

Anytime we go somewhere, he’s working at least part of the time, but I’ve never gone with him to a place where he’s specifically going to work.

Lots of phone calls in the hotel rooms, and he has business dinners (fine with me, I just saw him off, watched a dumb show on Netflix abs went to bed early!). He told me before we left that we likely wouldn’t spend much time together, and he wasn’t kidding. We were able to walk to get coffee and sit for a minute before he needed to go back to the hotel room for a call and whatever he does on his laptop 🤪

Even though it’s only a couple of days, being with him here has definitely made me appreciate more all that he does for us.

Just from wandering around

Anyway! Yesterday he headed back to the hotel to work, and I headed out to explore a bit – Lombard Street was my destination. About a 35 minute walk from where we had coffee, in pretty impractical shoes for said walking, but the weather was beautiful and I haven’t been on a “real” walk for a looooong time with how hot it has been in Houston.

On the way I stopped a few times, and one of the stops was at a really cool bookstore called City Light Books.

Cozy, but bright and airy at the same time. And an entire room upstairs dedicated to poetry!

I didn’t actually buy any books, but I browsed for quite a while and added some books to my reading list….whether I will actually get to them or not…..quien sabe?

And off to the original destination! I didn’t fully appreciate just how steep Lombard street would be. “If I don’t have buns of steel after this, I’m going to be a little angry” SEE BELOW PHOTO & CAPTION:

Spoiler Alert: I’m a little bit angry

It was certainly a pretty walk, beautiful homes, and the view from the top of the street (once I made it) was beautiful!

I stopped again on the way back to the hotel, mostly down some side lanes with interesting street art.

Today, my feet hurt a lot (impractical shoes) so I’ve just been at the Ferry Terminal with a chai latte and my sketchbook looking at the water….and contemplating finding a Target to buy some flip flops or something before the blisters on my heels start bleeding onto my shoes 🙄😂 that’s the end of my complaining, I promise!

Finally, here are some miscellaneous photos that I hope you will enjoy:

Gott’s ~ a good spot for lunch
“Failed Floral Selfie”
From dinner with Glen! At a restaurant called Epic
For some reason I decided NOT to go inside this place ….

A short but great two and a half days in San Francisco, hopefully back soon!!


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