Heavenly Hawaiin Farms



We had an incredible trip to Hawaii, it was my third there, maybe the fourth for Glen. 

We were there to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day – more about those here:


It was a great week of spending time with family and friends, of course, church each day, and additonal churh activities, Bible Studies and that sort. 

We had some fun dinners planned, and some outings as well. But I just want to share one experinece that Glen and I had during the eight days we spent in Hawaii – we took a tour of a beautiful coffee plantation – Heavenly Hawaiin Farms.

Heavenly Hawaiin Farms has been around since 1994. It’s a beautiful place. They offer tours for $15 per person. It’s about two hours long- which is the one that we did, but they have several more packages. They have a roasting tour, a paint and sip (I will definitely be doing that if we ever go back) and a luxury picnic – the picnic is pretty pricey, (starts at $750 and goes up from there…..)so I’ll pass on that one, although it sounds pretty cool!

The tour was really fun and I loved seeing the process from start to finish. Who knew that coffee looks like berries? Coffee cherries, in fact. And the seeds of these grape sized red cherries is the bean. As we were walking, the tour guide invited us to try one of these coffee cherries, and I can say that I do not recommend them as a tasty snack.

Maybe the best part of the tour, of course besides spending time with our friends, was the gorgeous view from the top. 

I must comment on the extremely chill cats. Actually one has its very own instagram, @umithecoffeecat which I of course follow!

Here for the coffee or the cats? A legitimate question…

After the tour, we all headed to their coffee bar – Konalani. We sat and enjoyed our coffees, and the view….and the cats….

Here are some more photos form the tour and from the trip. It was a great Feast in a beautiful location and wonderful memories made!

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