My Favorite Coffee Spots in Houston

Tenfold Coffee

Life is too short for not excellent coffee – I want to share my favorite coffee spots in Houston – if you ever find yourself here, I 10/10 recommend visiting all three! – their espresso is really good – but I’m also a big fan of their spaces and the people that work there. These are (mostly) neighborhood spots that feel good to spend time in.

First on the list is Tenfold Coffee. The inside almost feels like a jungle especially with the humongous bird of paradise that sits just to the side of the bar.

My favorite drink: cortado with oat milk – and that is what I order almost every time, especially now, when it’s hotter than Hades here in Houston. There’s plenty of seating inside, but my favorite place to chill is outside in one of their rocking chairs.

However…if I go in the morning with my laptop to get some work done, I almost always sit in the far corner at one of their small tables. It feels cozy and close and I always find myself getting a lot done.

They also have some pretty great pastries – if you’re only a little peckish go for their baby scone, it’s perfect.

My Productive Place

Second on the list is Boomtown Coffee -specifically their Heights location on 19th Street. IMHO they have THE best cold brew in all of Houston. Yes, the entire city of Houston.

My second favorite drink there is the Crud. It is also extremely strong but has a sweet smokey flavor to it. It’s made with chicory and cream and probably some other delicious stuff in there. It will put hair on your chest and I’m here for it!

They also have an amazing menu. Daily quiche, a variety of breakfast tacos (one pictured below) and truly excellent avocado toast.

Giant Leap Coffee is the BEST for seasonal drinks. They absolutely KILL it in the fall with their ISS – International Spice Station. They have some delicious offerings for other seasons, but the ISS is fantastic. Here is one of their summertime drinks:

COSMIC BLOSSOM, is actually tea not coffee. Fruity flavors in white tea

So refreshing!

I went with a friend and she ordered a vanilla latte so I got a decaf for the road and she took this picture of me out front!
“vibing” as the young people say, with my ISS

Giant Leap is the furthest from us, while Tenfold is a half mile away, so when it’s not outrageously hot outside, we enjoy walking there and back. Now, comment below if you are a coffee or tea person (or both, like me!) and if you’re local have you tried these spots?


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