Spring 22 Travel Journal Part 1

My Travel Journal: I’ve decided to share our spring trip in diary form; when I was a teenager I had a beautiful notebook and actually hand wrote in it nearly every day when we traveled somewhere exciting. Maybe one of these days I’ll find it and post it. But for now, here’s Day 1 from the first leg of our trip: Boca Raton.

Day 1 – Houston to Boca RatonHere we are on the flight to Boca Raton. I haven’t been on an airplane since October last year, before COVID we traveled so much, these days quite a bit less.

We are pretty close to the back of the plane flying United…I forgot how small the rows are!! United Airways is the best (sarcasm). The person behind me is practicing Karate with fierce kicks to the back of my seat.

More later!!

It’s later. The flight attendant walks by, he’s passing out snacks. As he comes to our row he asks, “cookie or pretzel?” I take a tiny bag of pretzels and wonder how many are in it. I’m going to guess 4.

When he asks the woman next to me, she replies, “can I have one of both?”

His response is an incredulous (and slightly louder than necessary “No!”. I think he is joking. He is not.

She decides on the cookie. The man in the window seat takes the pretzel bag and gives it to her – chivalry is not dead.


We had a really lovely (and lively) dinner The Flamingo Grill here in the hotel. I really liked the snack tray they brought out for us for a light bite to start with – and I want to try recreating it at home It was a bit dark to get a photo but I made sure to take notes:

The question mark following the lettuce…I don’t know exactly what it was, but it had an almost fuzzy texture on it when I put it into my mouth so I think I will leave that out (whatever it was!) The green goddess dressing was nice and had a strong mint flavor to it which was different, and nice!

The Beef Wellington was maybe the best I’ve ever had, so good!!

Now it’s time for bed, night night!

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