Spring 22 Travel Journal Part 2

DAY 2 –

You might be thinking … boca raton…wouldn’t that mean rat’s mouth??! Surely nobody would name a city after the mouth of a rat. In fact, they did :

🐀 👄

The weather in Boca Raton is kind of perfect, 80’s during the day, low 70’s at night. And the hotel we are staying at is quite nice. The Boca Raton was built in the 1920’s and first opened in 1926 – it has recently undergone renovations – the hotel working with the historical society to restore the resort.

Now for my day so far – Glen had to get up quite early for work…I got up with him, saw him off, and immediately went back to bed. I must have been tired because I slept past 10:30 😳 Now it’s time to get ready, hopefully we’ll be able to have lunch together and then head off to the beach 🙂

Later on…

I’m over in the pool area. I brought my watercolors so I’ve been painting…I’ve also had lunch…completely lost track of time and now my arms are a vibrant shade of pink 🤣

It’s chilly with the wind blowing so I don’t think I’ll get in the water. Glen just texted to say that he’s finished work and is headed over:))

LATER ON: We have an early morning flight to Tampa so I’m off to bed! I am going to share some photos from the hotel and then…hasta mañana


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