Spring 22 Trip – Part 3

This is the most Florida thing I’ve ever seen and I love it

Travel Journal Days 5 – 6: The Holy Day & the Sabbath: I have absolutely nothing to report, I didn’t take any photos or write anything. The only person more disappointed than you dear reader, is me. Not upset. Just disappointed.

Am I losing my mind? I can’t remember what day (of the trip) we are on, but the day of the week is Sunday.

We went for a drive to a county park, which was really just a tiny beach…the people watching was…something else. One guy was in the water and had brought his poop bed float or whatever you call it. A lot of downtown New Port Richey can be sketch as well, but the city has put a lot of work into making the (tiny) downtown more lovable. I love all the murals (which I did not get pictures of) and the old buildings.

One building in particular is my favorite: The Hacienda Hotel. It was built in the mid/late 1920’s and has gorgeous pink stucco walls, very similar to The Boca Raton. It is currently being renovated to be a hotel again. It has been used over the years for various purposes, but I cannot wait until it reopens as a hotel, with a restaurant and bar inside.

Today… DAY WHATEVER currently at the airport, for the trip to Miami we are flying American. Curious to see what the rows are like compared to United.

Later: The rows are just as narrow, but happily I have short legs. I am impressed that the overhead storage bins are “new and updated allowing you to stack your luggage vertically like library books.” Also the chargers are much easier to access on this plane. And they are more generous with the snacks.

We are staying at Nobu here in Miami…the view from our room is incredible, and it’s so nice having direct beach access. Turns out the entire world is also here for Passover week so it is PACKED!

Panoramic by my handsome-but-impossible husband (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!)

Since I’m losing track of days, I’ll just share a couple of bits from our Miami trip:

The Nobu beach/poolside food: they did something amazing to this edamame – I wish I knew what it was so I could recreate it! Best I’ve ever had

DINNER AT: Zuma – Modern Japanese amazing food…best corn on the cob I’ve ever had in my life! I just wish I would have taken more photos of the food.


Zuma is in downtown Miami and right on the water. We had an early reservation which was great, as it started to get crowded later.

More Zuma

This has to be one of my favorite Japanese restaurants ever!

Next up – MY FOOT! :

Messing up my foot and getting a boot – from…walking. Am I getting old?! I only had to wear it for about 3 weeks and I rested a lot on it, not wearing it, which was nice.

It’s called fashion sweetie, look it up

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